Run a restaurant without running around

What is Biztro?

What if you could have a restaurant without having anyone to manage it? Physically, not even you. Meet Biztro. A solu- tion very similar to Man jeeves that make this impossibility, possible indeed. A comprehensive restaurant manage- ment tool it helps a restaurant do what they should do best: dish out amazing food without being hassled by the day-to-day management nitty-gritty's.

A cloud based internet and mobile based solution, Biztro is an ideal tool for a chain of restaurants and even, for a start-up. With it get the advantage of Restaurant Management, Order Mangement, Mobile Cataloguing and Brand- ing.

The Biztro Advantage.

  • You dont need to setup or maintain a server. Biztro is cloud based service.

  • An internet connection and a tablet is all that is needed to end management hassles.

  • The entire infrastructure is maintained by Biztro so hiring people for hardwaren management will not be required.

  • Since orders can be placed on tablet at each table, the number of waiters can be reduced and therefore their cost.

  • Be it in taking orders to billing to cataloguing, chances of human error is negated. Biztro is completely auto- mated. The system works 24/7 in without any manual user intervention.

  • With Biztro, you access real time data.

Avoid the Hiccups

Waiters, it is said can make or break a restaurant. Make certain that you pick each and every person with care. Because no matter how good the food, a negative vibe takes ages to undo.

  • Allow us to floor you. Discover the advantages of Biztro. Biztro can be installed within 48 hours. A pretty quick way to end restaurant management hiccups wouldn't you think?

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